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Colores Learning Center is a place to enjoy learning, exploring, creating, and making friends. We help children achieve their learning goals by creating a safe environment full of hands-on materials so kids can explore, practice, draw, paint, count, make music, dress up, and have fun!  We accept kids that are 2 ½ - 5 years old. We strive to create a spirit of belonging for all kids. We engage them in activities based on their individual needs. Our younger kids learn from the older kids and we love the 2 1/2-5 year old ages, because it's the perfect age for kids to start practicing independence via potty training, serving their own snack, and cleaning up.  

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  Our curriculum includes real learning based on age appropriate skills. We provide leaning experiences where kids can put all they know into practice. They practice chopping fruit and vegetables, baking, serving their snacks, painting on canvas, planting and watering in the garden, and making decorations for our festivities and the classroom. We also do story time everyday allowing kids to listen to a story and discuss the story's application in real life. We have story making time, where kids can create a story using their imagination, attire, and props. Kids learn to start reading by observing the images and the context in books. We also have puzzle time and creative time to help them put their ideas into something they create. Kids experience music and movement everyday, along with Spanish and weekly yoga practice.   

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Colores Learning Center

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