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Curriculum for Our Preschool in Cary


  • At Colores Learning Center our preschool curriculum includes real learning based on age appropriate skills. We provide leaning experiences where kids can put all they know into practice. They practice chopping fruit and vegetables, baking, serving their snacks, painting on canvas, planting and watering in the garden, and making decorations for our festivities and the classroom. We also do story time everyday allowing kids to listen to a story and discuss the story's application in real life. We have story making time, where kids can create a story using their imagination, attire, and props. Kids learn to start reading by observing the images and the context in books. We also have puzzle time and creative time to help them put their ideas into something they create. Kids experience music and movement everyday, along with Spanish and weekly yoga practice.  

Classroom Work


Our classroom is designed to help children develop confidence in learning skills for daily life, language, math, science, culture, and art. Giving them the initiative to choose their own work allows them to grow independence and self-esteem. We continue to adapt our set up and material based on the children's growth in order to support their learning process. We focus on hands on processes, allowing kids to explore and create. 



We do yoga because it gives children the opportunity to connect all their energy into movement. Children will learn poses that engage their muscles and bodies to stay healthy. Through affirmations kids will develop self esteem and confidence. Yoga is perfect to help the brain to stimulate their body’s motoricity. Yoga helps them to focus the mind and to relax the body. 

Music & Dance


At Colores music is part of our daily leaning! We believe that creative movement and music stimulates the brain and helps kids to get focused and that song helps develop their language skills. Music stimulates the senses and  allows kids to manage their emotions and feelings in a very positive way. We use music from different countries in order to expose kids to diverse experience of cultures, instruments, and rhythms around the world.